Making a difference

Philippe Riboton

IT’S NOW MORE than three years that The Prague Tribune has been bringing you its current format of Business and Lifestyle each month. This is a simple illustration of what we always believed – that businesspeople have a life before and after business hours. In a similar way, before updating formats, The Prague Tribune used to have a back section called “Executive Class”. It is interesting to note that our peers have finally taken the lesson. A few months ago, one of our Czech weekly competitors introduced a special monthly supplement dedicated to lifestyle. In an equally unsurprising move, one of our English weekly competitors just introduced a monthly supplement dedicated to lifestyle as well – cleverly named “Executive Living”. While these initiatives demonstrate less innovation than textbook imitation, at least they serve as further confirmation that The Prague Tribune has always enjoyed a true strategic differentiation on the market. Leading the way with one thing always in mind: respect for the reader, expressed through true content and true value – and this month’s edition is no exception. We are happy to bring you a unique four-hands interview showcasing opera star Dagmar Pecková and football prodigy Karel Poborský. Those two emblems of Czech success had never met before, and are notoriously reluctant to give interviews. However, on the invitation of The Prague Tribune, they agreed to meet and exchange views on topics ranging from Czech politics to achieving balance in life. This feature precedes other one-of-a-kind articles: our case study dedicated to entrepreneurial Czech start-ups (this month, the success story on food manufacturer and distributor Emco); our management-oriented interview with a non-traditional business figure (Ivan Douda, director of the Drop In rehabilitation center); and our “off the wall” Q & A (with fashion enfant terrible Osmany Laffita). Put them together and you have in your hands proof that, whatever our competition does, The Prague Tribune still speaks with a different voice. And makes a difference.






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