Dual elements

Petr Urbánek, the legal representative of Europolis Invest, loves clean and open spaces. Along with air and water, this was the dominant inspiration for aesthetics in the new Danube House business complex. Interior architect Jana Lehotská combined airy space with the physical presence of water, which provides a natural “empathy” with the nearby Vltava river.

“A healthy microclimate is created by plants in groups, so-called “jungles”, that also dampen the sharpness of corners. They serve as rest zones or alternative meeting rooms.”

“My corner: a teddy bear from my daughter, graphics from friends, and sculpture from my parents.”

“I love a clean environment, with as few papers as possible. Whatever has been completed must be immediately put away, otherwise I have the feeling that the work is getting over my head.”

“The locus of communication is the desk in the main work room, which stands out due to its color. The dynamic organization of work requires space for employees to meet at any time.”

“With its shape recalling that of a boat, the reception area reflects the building’s riverside location.”

“The interior of our meeting room follows the rules of optimal arrangement. The decorative wall not only separates the space, but also serves as a combination storage-and-presentation area.”

“The kitchen: the architect’s intent was to create a space with the focus on transparency – so the glass wall, which is decorated by texts of Murphy’s laws.”






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