November 2003

“It will not be the ‘Return of the Pink Panther’.”
– commented former Prime Minister Miloš Zeman in response to rumors about his political comeback.

“Kožený absolutely rejects having anything to do with the efforts to rob any investors of their money.”
– stated Viktor Kožený’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman. Kožený was accused in the US of (among other things) robbing US investors of USD 182 million.

“The Minister of Interior never advanced me to Telecom. As a matter of fact, since my accident, meaning my crucial failure, we have not spoken to each other. I think he is angry with me.”
– Former police president deputy, Miroslav Antl, denying that the Minister of Interior Stanislav Gross helped him to get his current position of security executive director at Český Telecom.

“Farmers represent only 3.5% of the population capable of working. They are less numerous than homosexuals, whose share is estimated at about 4%.”
– Minister of Agriculture Jaroslav Palas’ defense of farmers who, according to critics, devastate the landscape and produce immoderately expensive food.






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