Never miss a show
Panasonic’s DMR-50, a unique DVD-recorder featuring an 80-gig hard disc, allows up to 106 hours of programming to be recorded. Videos (MPEG2-MPEG4) and photos (JPEG/TIFF) can be stored or played back via the SD/PC card plug-in, and camcorder recordings can easily be recorded to the hard disk, DVD-RAM or DVD-R at the press of a button. The high data transfer rate of the DVD-RAM (20 megabytes/second) also allows you to watching a DVD while recording your favorite TV show. CZK 44,995.

Hold on tight
The new Nokia 7600 imaging phone is futuristic palm-sized wonder that features an active matrix, 65,536 color display; VGA camera for picture and video capture (with sound); data connection speed of up to 384 kbps; 3GPP video streaming; stereo MP3 and AAC music player; extensive messaging capabilities (MMS, video and audio clips); and connectivity with USB, Bluetooth and infrared. Available in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2003; price to be announced.
Instant darkroom
Ideal for business at home or smaller firms, the HP Photosmart 245 boasts a 144 MHZ microprocessor that produces 1.2 million color 4×6 print in 90 seconds. The 1.8-inch image LCD even lets you edit your photo before printing, while easy, one-touch buttons make professional-looking results a snap. Pick one up for CZK 6,900.






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