Science meets art

Once you step into the building of the pharmaceuticals company Zentiva in Dolní Měcholupy, you’ll quickly forget you’re in a factory, as the elegant administrative part of the complex is separated from the manufacturing part. But a hint of pharmaceuticals can still be detected in the absolute cleanliness of the architectural and interior elements. This theme extends to the common areas like the reception and the lounge, as well as to the office of the general director, Jiří Michal.

I bought the statuette for my desk at an antique store.

Paintings by Jan Němec adorn the office as well as the entrance areas. Their simple symbolism stands out against the raw surfaces of the concrete walls.

Colorful armchairs are good for relaxing and short working meetings. From these chairs beyond the little pool there is a view of the tops of the trees in front of the building.

The space of the interior lounge visually connects the individual floors of the building. The lounge is also used for special events, such as openings of exhibitions by renowned artists. Dita Štěpánová is currently exhibiting her paintings on the company premises.






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