December 2003

“We will aspire to victory. We know that it is possible.Our examples are countries like Mongolia or Moldova, which are already ruled by communists.”
– KSČM vice-chairman Václav Exner speaking about the communists’ expectations of electoral victory.

“I hope I’m not going to end up the same way as the Dalai Lama. My intention is to run for the chair of Czech Prime Minister.”
– Viktor Kožený answering the question how he imagines his exile is going to end.

“I haven’t heard such a stupid offer for a long time. It costs me several thousands crowns per month just to keep my car running.”
– ČSSD MP Jaromír Schling answering the question if he would be willing to live for one month for the minimum gross wage of CZK 6,200.

“Somebody robbed my car right in front of the Ministry of Justice, which is a closely watched institution. But the video from the camera system was a complete fiasco. There was a perfect shot of me getting out of the car, then the connection went grainy for 45 minutes. The next clear shot showed me staring into an empty car. There were armed policemen, twelve cameras – for nothing.”
– Ombudsman Otakar Motejl justifies his attitude towards the installation of cameras in educational institutions.






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