A modern look-out

The office of ING Management Committee’s chairman Ron van Oijen is nearly on top of the Zlatý anděl “tower”. One round wall of the light and spacious room is made of windows from top to bottom. The colorful matching of furniture and decor is the choice of the owner in cooperation with Anthony Shee of Kinnarps company, which provided it.

The fresh tulips in the vase represent ING. The beauty is that I receive them on Monday, fresh to start the working week. By the end of the week they have lost their glory and their freshness, and then I know that my weekend should start.

It is a modern building and we have tried to make a link between the furniture and the building. You can see that in the legs of the furniture, which are also quite modern.

I picked the paintings myself from Pop-Art, with whom we have a contract. This one is painted by Rostislav Zárybnický. The ladies are watching me every day to see if I do my work properly.

I like light in my office, so I was fortunate with this space and the architect’s design.

I wanted to have an open and friendly office. From my office you can see three sides of Prague, including part of the castle. This I really like, as well as all the light.

I have a habit of leaving my office clean every day. I also want to have an empty e-mail box as well as no SMS left in my telephone. I almost always manage to do this. The lamp on my desk is a present, but as I never use it, I may take it away.






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