February 2003

“If you can guarantee that the upcoming visit in Slovakia is Havel’s last one, then why not welcome him?”
– Vladimír Mečiar speaking about Václav Havel’s final presidential trip to Slovakia.

“I have embedded in my memory a congratulation from one very nice lady. She told me how cheering it is to finally see a politician with a normal woman and not some young, long-legged blonde. You see, for about thirty years I considered myself as a young, long-legged blonde and now people don’t even recognize that.”
– Pavla Topolánková, wife of the new ODS leader Mirek Topolánek.

“I don’t mind a bit that Prime Minister Špidla started the battle cry in Parliament: ‘To Baghdad! To Baghdad!’I just hope that as a real warrior he will lead the army.”
– Miroslav Macek comments on the support of the Czech government for the US attack on Iraq.

“I am certain that I could function in this post with sufficient humility.”
– Václav Klaus referring to his candidacy for the next president of the Czech Republic.






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