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Reinventing the wheel

Written by: Martin Zika Photo by: Jan Vágner The “resuscitation” of old, well-known brands is good business sense, as it may take advantage of previous associations and loyalties. Following are a few examples of Czech firms that have re-launched or re-designed classic products successfully. Ladislav Vrdlovec DO YOU REMEMBER the “Beetle”, the popular people’s car…

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Pavel Bém: City Hall gets a facelift

Written by: Monika Mudranincová Photo by: Petr Poliak Prague’s new lord mayor has divided the city council into two camps – one hoping for major changes, the other convinced Bém is just an ODS puppet used to attract votes. His responses here are revealing. You are psychiatrist by profession. Why did you enter community politics…

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Viktorie Hradská: Time for a change

Written by: Monika Mudranincová What ever happened to a well-known arms merchant, whose name regularly filled the pages of newspapers in the mid-nineties? The director of the joint-stock company RDP Group weathered ten years of ups and downs, and she now feels that a career change is overdue. PRIOR TO HER REBIRTH as an entrepreneur,…

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Written by: Monika Mudranincová PEOPLE UP Photo: V. Sixt Martin Dlouhý Despite the floods, McDonald’s noted further gains last year, according to its CEO. The number of customers rose to 36.5 million in comparison with 33.6 in 2001, sales were CZK 1.96 billion in comparison with CZK 1.77 billion in 2001 and the number of…

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Written by: Anita Lišková EMPLOYMENT: Gap between salaries widens The Czech Bureau of Statistics has published a study summarizing the annual results of research conducted in cooperation with the labor and social affairs ministry. Prague leads the other regions with the highest gross average salary, CZK 21,682. When broken down by fields, the best pay…

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Take away

Written by: Philippe Riboton WHEN THE SEMI-CONDUCTOR giant Flextronics decided a couple of months ago to close down its Brno assembly plant, some suggested it embodied the failure of the incentive program introduced by the social-democrat government. These voices were quick to explain that those tax holidays and other investment incentives targeted towards greenfield investors…

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