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Antonín Panenka: Finding goals off the field

Written by: Monika Mudranincová Photo: David Holas In the 1970s and ’80s absolutely everyone knew him. This legend of Czech soccer, the famed member of the Bohemians team, and 1980 Player of the Year always surprised with his intelligent play and unexpected combinations. What is he doing today? He’s taking care of his mother club…

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Written by: Monika Mudranincová PEOPLE UP Photo: Archiv Jakub Dadák Brain Systems, a provider of software solutions based on internet applications, was listed among the 50 fastest-growing central European firms for 2001 by Deloitte & Touche. According to its CEO, last year the firm marked a further 53% turnover rise. Photo: ČTK Jack Stack According…

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Written by: Anita Lišková INSURANCE: Czech workers taking more and more sick days The average Czech employee spends nearly 31 days a year on sick leave, and this number is still rising. This high rate increases production costs and decreases productivity. In 2002 government expenditures on sick leave and other benefits reached CZK 32.6 billion.…

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Of goulash and influence

Written by: Philippe Riboton IN THIS MONTH’S cover story, The Prague Tribune looks at the case of influential couples in business and the dynamics behind them. Interestingly enough, it’s been a task for our reporters to convince people to talk openly about that subject. Not that we wanted to transform ourselves into some kind of…

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