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The Villa Bianca residential complex in the heart of Prague’s Bubeneč diplomatic quarter is an elegant example of combining historical reconstruction with sophisticated modern housing.

The Kotěra’s villa, built at the beginning of the 20th century, is the focal point of the entire housing complex. The villa is located in a triangular configuration of six new buildings, each of which contains luxury apartments.

Villa Bianca, which was designed by the modernist architect Jan Kotěra during the years 1910-11, was rebuilt after 1920 in the neo-Baroque style. The recent reconstruction has restored to it the expre ssiveness that captures the spirit of Kotěra’s original ideas.

The duplex in the villa is dominated by a massive wooden staircase.

The most modern structures in the complex, the corner buildings of the virtual triangle, still respect classic design methods.


Materials are blended harmoniously to achieve a well-balanced combination of modern and classic looks.

Both wings of the modern buildings are set apart from the villa, but close enough to translate the historical style into the contemporary idiom.


from the outside
Matthew Freney
Asset manager, ING Real Estate Development Villa Bianca

What role did Bubeneč housing and the original Kotěra’s villa play in the project’s design?
“The environment of the elegant diplomatic quarter certainly affected the final appearance of Villa Bianca. The original modernist villa was rebuilt with strict respect for history and tradition, along with state-of-the-art methods that today’s technology allows. The entire complex was designed so as to provide its residents with maximal privacy and a soothing living environment, together with the ultimate in comfort.”

from the inside
Eric van Egeraat

How does the layout of this architecturally valuable landmark suit the needs of the housing standards of today, and how did you create the aesthetic interconnection of original and modern architecture?
“Villa Bianca’s original concept is fully compatible with current housing standards. We left the layout pretty much alone, we just tried to expand spaces wherever possible. The architecture of Kotěra’s villa is an expression of the avant-garde mindset, with an excellent understanding of history. The style of the new buildings is in harmony with Kotěra’s, and it respects his typical elements. The result is a truly modern interpretation of the architectural style at the beginning of the last century.”






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