100 issues already! In order to celebrate, we have decided – for once – to speak a bit about ourselves. And to let our readers speak about us, The Prague Tribune.

“The Prague Tribune? Great section on wine, dining and cigars. In addition to that, an island of sincere and honest journalism attempting to bring interesting stories from the Czech business and social scene!”
Martin Jahn, CEO, CzechInvest ” The Prague Tribune embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that is growing in this country. The magazine is lively, informative, and covers all aspects of local business life. The staff ofThe Prague Tribune makes the Czech Republic a better place for all of its readers.”
Jack Stack, CEO, Česká spořitelna“Some publications are required reading for me in order _to stay on top of the latest political and economic developments, whilst there are others which I read purely for pleasure. The Prague Tribune has the rare distinction of fulfilling both those roles in a single magazine.”
Naveed Gill, general manager, TISCALI Telekomunikace Česká republika

” The Prague Tribune is very inspiring in its form and content, as it touches all corners of the information I need, so I read it instead of just glancing through it. That is important to me.” Anthony Shee, managing director, Kinnarps

” I think that it is a very readable magazine with good taste, offering a valuable service to the entrepreneurial and business community. The well selected balance of business and career information, with the “vitamin cocktail” about lifestyle, helps to find one’s personal image. The magazine is good medicine for nerves during a manager’s relaxation time.”
Zbyněk Frolík, managing director, LINET

” The facts, trends, and analyses of current events, _coupled with in-depth interviews with the people influencing these events, give me the insight to help me successfully navigate my company in this dynamic emerging market. The Prague Tribune is an essential guide for the local _business community.”
Charles Peake, CEO, Czech On Line

” As far as I know, this is the only bilingual magazine on the Czech market with a long tradition and interrelated sense for what is happening on the local economic scene. From my point of view, The Prague Tribune addresses more and more foreign experts living and working in the Czech Republic. _And, of course, the Czech management community.”
Jindřich Nevrla, general manager, Auto Palace Praha

” The Prague Tribune, as the leading trade and lifestyle publication in the Czech Republic, has been a precursor and has contributed immensely to increasing the presence of the local business community these past eleven years.”
René Beauchamp, general manager, Four Seasons Hotel Prague

” I have been a regular reader ofThe Prague Tribune over the last seven years that I have spent in Prague. What I like is the print quality of the magazine itself, the glossy paper and nice photographs.”
Bruno Le Ciclé, managing director, Nestlé Česko

” I have followed The Prague Tribune most of the time it has been on the market. I like that it focuses on topics that are really essential and up-to-date, whether from the business or lifestyle point of view. I also notice that many of my colleagues working in top managerial positions see it as a form of media to take seriously.”
Jan Kubát, managing director, Logica CMG

” Congratulations to The Prague Tribune on its anniversary, and I wish you and your staff many happy returns! It has been refreshing to find the slightly different angle with which you look at the local scene. It is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.”
Vladimír Motlík, CEO, Epic

” I’m a regular reader and admire The Prague Tribune because it’s not afraid to address issues that are still considered taboo by many other publications.”
Erik Best, publisher, Fleet Sheet and Final Word

” To me, The Prague Tribune means fine reading and very nice people. It is the unbiased and professional journalism that distinguishes your magazine. Wishing you all the best with the next 100 issues.”
Gabriel Berdár, CEO, Český Telecom

” The CMC Graduate School of Business celebrates your success and is grateful to your publication for your contribution to the ongoing business dialogue. The Prague Tribune has enriched many of our students and alumni. ”
Peter R. Loewenguth, president, CMC Graduate School of Business, Čelákovice

” I have always enjoyed reading The Prague Tribune. The only thing I regret is that I can not buy this magazine every week.”
Jan Sýkora, director, Wood & Company Financial Services

” It has always been a pleasure to read The Prague Tribune, indeed from the very first issue. What I have valued ever since is not only its professional and sometimes audacious approach, but also the fact that it has radiated a spirit of independence.”
Pavel Kalášek, CEO, Hewlett – Packard

” As an Austrian citizen living in Prague for a long time, of course I follow periodical titles published here in foreign languages. In the case of The Prague Tribune, I appreciate the complex and independent angle of view, and the professionalism of the work.”
Rudolf Javurek, general manager, Import Volkswagen Group

” The Prague Tribune is pleasant reading for leisure time, and at the same time it represents an interesting source of economic information. Its articles concerning travel, tourism and gastronomy are certainly inspiring for readers, and it helps in an educational way to orient oneself in the flood of day-to-day information.”
Kamil Ziegler, chairman of the board and general manager, Raiffeisenbank

” The Prague Tribune plays an important role in shaping business values and perceptions in the Czech market, both of Czech executives with an international outlook and of foreigners working here. The interviews are differentiated and open. Great value added!”
Erik A. Slingerland, managing partner
Egon Zehnder International Management Consultants

” The Prague Tribune provides me with precise inside information about the Czech Republic. It never hides away when it comes to delicate matters. I don’t miss an issue.”
Ulrich Bastert, managing director, Daimler Chrysler Automotive Bohemia

” I consider The Prague Tribune to be a quality title with stable market _position. It is able to target interesting topics and bring them to its readers. For our operations in the market of consultancy and technological services, The Prague Tribune presents invaluable information and ideas.”
Pavel Šťovíček, director, Logos

” I consider The Prague Tribune to be one of the best “informers” about people and business on the Czech economic scene. The quality of the articles is the most important element for me, and the bilingual aspect is very practical for our employees.”
Jérome Legrain, deputy general manager, head of corporate banking, Credit Lyonnais Bank Praha

” I have adjusted quite naturally and comfortably to the different formats of The Prague Tribune, as I always enjoyed reading its society topics, reports, and news on former or new decision makers in the country. 100 issues: Bravo – and long life!”
Marko Pařík, CEO, Delta Pekárny

” I consider The Prague Tribune a very good magazine, having an original and useful approach relating to my professional experience in the Czech Republic. The Prague Tribune distinguishes itself by always searching for new topics and not repeating generally known information – for example, discovering new fields of business in the Czech Republic.”
Alexis Juan, chairman and CEO, Komerční banka

” I appreciate The Prague Tribune mainly because of its interesting and up-to-date information, which addresses a wide spectrum of readers, both foreigners and Czechs. It presents information from society, and the cultural and political sector with a certain distance, without emotion and in a realistic manner. That’s the way to win the readers.”
Mojmír Čapka, chairman of the board and general director, Brisk Tábor

” In my opinion, The Prague Tribune is no ordinary magazine. Its focus on the latest trends and developments in business in the Czech Republic is invaluable to people like me who lead multi-disciplinary organizations. The Prague Tribune shows sound judgment and inspires others to excel.”
Dirk Kroonen, country managing partner, Ernst and Young

” I’ve been reading The Prague Tribune nearly religiously for the last five to seven years (keeping all issues neatly stacked in my home office). I especially appreciate the main feature articles which I find professionally researched and well balanced. Good luck and another ‘healthy’ 100 issues of The Prague Tribune!”
Michael Vostatek, managing director, Sagem






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