Room for invention

At first glance, the corporate offices of the Taiza fashion brand don’t look much different from any standard office setting. According to firm director Jana Fialová, however, great attention is paid to the core of the fashion house, and in particular to the designers’ studio, which eloquently reflects the creative nature of their work.

“The studio is perfect for me to work and think in, because in an interesting, pleasantly free style it is a combination of a studio and an apartment,” says Katerina Baloun, a Taiza designer.”

“The models make changes in this cozy booth, which also serves as a handy catch-all.”

“The efficiently equipped kitchen on the same floor as the studio ensures maximal convenience for the designers.”

Sufficient space is important to designer Katerina Baloun, so she likes a two-floor option.

“After I began working for Taiza last year I had my office and other spaces modified so that everything would have a purpose and be functional. Above all, I need a large desk to work on, as I like being surrounded by piles of papers.”

“The fashion house’s environment features many inspiring details.”

” It’s a world of high creativity, where human dreams are conjoined with the cleverness of each employee and his or her perception of the world,” says Jana Fialová.

“The studio is also used as a showroom for clients, so we saw to it that the environment would be pleasant and presentable.”






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