Less is more

Last year Universal Production Partners, a post-production company, opened a new office in downtown Prague. Šimon Caban designed its unconventional, comfortable, and at the same time fully functional interior. Managing director Vít Komrzý says his primary interest was having people feel good there, and the space is quite appropriate for the creative spirit that dominates the company.

” Occasionally we work in parallel with other firms on other continents, so we need to know what time it is there. The clocks are seated in an ordinary construction panel that is plastered and whitened. We bought the armchairs at various used furniture stores and reupholstered them.”

” From my small office I can easily keep my eye on people coming and going, because I can look through a one-way mirror. The stairs are made of plexiglass.”

“We tore out the original sheetrock partitions and replaced them with glass – for both communication and light. The jalousies on the windows are made of used boards. They protect our screening room from direct daylight, and fluorescent lights at night.”

“The idea was to make this space as natural as possible. So the electrical wiring is exposed, as we acknowledge that they are a part of our work. The design is 100% distinctively functional. And we don’t need to break into any walls to make changes.”

“Šimon Caban designed the work tables, after talking with the people who would sit at them. They are made of the least expensive boards available at cabinet-maker shops – MDF and OSB.”

“Clients sometimes spend days or weeks in post-production, so I want the environment here to be informal and pleasant. The atmosphere is topped off by the lighting. In this off-line editing room the lights are concealed in boxes on the floor and beams near the ceiling.”






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