April 2004

“Don’t ask and vote against.”
– answered MP Petr Nečas, ODS vice-chairman, to his colleague when she asked what part of the VAT law was being discussed.

“Are you trying to tell me that there are still communists left in the Czech Republic?”
– former Czech porn star Dolly Buster, who lives in Germany, and who was considering the candidature to the European Parliament for the Czech Republic, upon finding out that there are 41 communists in Czech Parliament.

“It is well known that I’m a long-term defendant of government coalition. But only under the condition that this coalition has only one member.”
– former Prime Minister Miloš Zeman commenting on the current tensions in government coalition.

“That was the day I regularly received a gillyflower or soap. And on this occasion men always used to get drunk.”
– writer Eva Hauserová recalling the celebrations of International Women’s Day before 1989.






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