ISSUE #101

, Tomáš Kubeš

The lion roars – 6.3.2004
The Czech Film and Television Academy (ČFTA) held its traditional award ceremony for the best Czech films, actors and actresses. In attendance were anyone who means anything in the world of showbusiness – including, of course, those who invest money into it.

Petr Erben (left), production director of Czech Television and
Petr Vachler, director of Vachler Art Company and ČFTA

Gabriele Guzzo (left), sales and marketing director of Karlovarské minerální vody,
and actor and singer Ondřej Havelka

Actresses Iva Janžurová (left) and Aňa Geislerová,
who won the Czech Lion for best actress in the movie Želary

On the waves of fashion – 17.3.2004
Prague is not really a center of haute couture, but one can still find local fashion brands that stand out. Taiza is one, and during the introduction of its new collection by designer Kateřina Baloun (replacing Osmany Laffita), the president’s wife appeared, and received a donation for her foundation.

Restaurateur Roman Řezníček (left), Rémi Diligent (middle), finance director of DDB and
Martin Horňanský, make-up artist and designer of the show

Jana Fialová (left), director of Taiza, Lívia Klausová and
Kateřina Baloun, Taiza’s fashion designer

Three Oldřichs: Fiala, co-owner of Taiza; Uher, owner of Old & Rich company;
and Gregor, legal representative of Gresin Invest

VIP links – 11.3.2004
The British Chamber of Commerce hosted another business mixer, this time at the “top level”. The first executive mixer took place in Mlýnec restaurant, and the chamber hopes that such events – which it plans to organize several times a year – will bring together Prague’s business elite.

Ctirad Vondrášek (left), country manager, Hays and
Peter Crowe, managing director, Skills Base

Jan Grozdanovič (left), attorney and partner, Seddons and
Frank Hanečák, managing director, Hanex Group

David Fellowes (left), director, Arete Institute and
Martin Ykema, general manager, Novotel

Desmond Mullan (left), managing director, Volvo and
Ian Rowbotham, senior consultant, Haarman Hemmelrath






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