May 2004

“The most efficient way of management is a dictatorship, sometimes softened with the method of sugar and a whip.”
– A pearl of wisdom from Aleš Hušák, general manager of Sazka, which was immortalized on his several-meter-large scoreboard in Sazka Arena.

“The only thing I know is that he is smaller with grey hair.”
– responded the former minister of health, Marie Součková, when asked about the name of Irish prime minister. Ireland is currently heading the EU.

“It’s interesting that the daily papers whose journalists were present at the press conference, wrote normal news with my quotes the next day. Only Le Figaro, whose journalists were even not there, wrote this fiction after ten days.”
– Miloš Kužvart, who resigned his position in the EU Commission, recalls the press conference in Brussels where according to Le Figaro he was only able to answer the majority of questions with the phrase, “I am very optimistic.”

“Some people talk about it the same way as people describe sighting the yeti. Everyone keeps talking about it but no one saw it.”
– Prime minister Vladimír Špidla comments on the alleged return of Miloš Zeman into active politics.







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