Office as gallery

Six years ago Techo, an office interiors and furniture production company, moved into a former woodworking plant. It converted the 1,200 m2 into an interesting, variable space with areas for dealing with clients, a showroom, and an office. “Our facility reflects what we try to pass on to our customers,” says R & D director Pavel Lůžek, adding that they test all their ideas on themselves first.

“In the Techocentrum, our showroom, our products are displayed in nine types of offices. Customers can try them out for themselves and, together with the salesman, select the optimal workplace concept – furniture type and layout alike.”

“There should always be space in offices where employees can sit around informally. In our retro-style internal part, which is used for small meetings, we use armchairs by Artifort.”

“Open offices support teamwork therefore we all sit together. We think furniture should be utilitarian, not dominant. Beauty comes from people and artistic works. What you see above us was made by Pavel Roučka from furniture lumber.”

“The entrance to the firm looks like a mini-gallery. We install works by the artists we work with here. It illustrates how an interior can be finished. Red walls divide the reception area from the showroom, to which customers should be literally drawn. ADR architects designed them.”

“The rear of the showroom is a work area, where precise samples are prepared and meetings take place. Meetings often overlap, so there is an extra floor with elegant stairs.”






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