The laws of proportion

Lovells, an international law firm headquartered in one of the old wings of Slovanský dům, has created a balanced combination of the classical and the modern in its interior: “We offer a sense of stability, reliability, and tradition, all in a purely contemporary style,” says Thomas Bettelheim, a managing partner.

We think our logo, etched into glass with sand, is an unobtrusive,
aesthetic presentation of the company. “Less is more” is the rule here.

The adroit and effective design of the reception area with its partition, created by
the architect Jan Lexa, brings a fresh spirit into the old palace walls. It makes a great impression.

This caricature was done in 1992, one year after we opened our Prague office.
I’m the third from the left, the only one of the original team still here.

If there are elements of my personal life in my office, they’re pictures I’ve taken of my beloved Scotland.
I spend twelve or more hours a day here, so space, light, and quietude are paramount to me.

Some time ago we sponsored an exhibition of works by the Croatian painter Čečo,
and he did a couple of paintings for us.

The receiving hall is the key point for a law firm. Here too Jan Lexa sensitively designed this formal area in a somewhat informal manner. We like the spirit and elegance of the old palace, with its beautiful windows and high ceilings, but it also needs a fresh, contemporary image, so we fitted it with modern art and furniture.






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