July/August 2004

“I don’t usually sleep like that. The first time I was bored, not tired. And the second time I just closed my eyes.”
– Senator and ČSSD representative in the European parliament Richard Falbr answers questions about whether he is sleeping in the European parliament. Recently he was noticed falling asleep twice during official meetings.

“Anyone who has ever read a detective story knows that a car with a privileged person can break the law if it is chased.”
– Minister of Interior Stanislav Gross commented on the recently published pictures that prove that he was speeding at 190 km/h in his service car on the Prague-Brno highway without any siren switched on.

“My mom said that they would need somebody young. And good looking.”
– Adéla Parkanová, daughter of former Minister and current KDU-ČSL MP Vlasta Parkanová, describes why she appeared on the electoral list for the European parliament. The 26-year old currently works as an airline stewardess.

“When I look at how often Václav Klaus appears in the media, I consider it a sad fact how little his achievements as the Czech President are presented.”
– Milan Knížák, director of the National Gallery, implying that journalists are imposing an information embargo on the Czech president.






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