World of glass

“I really do not need to prove anything nor do I feel an urge to emphasize the managing directorship with outer attributes,” says Roland Mahler, T-Mobile’s CEO, of his simple office. The new building in Prague 4 houses over 1,500 employees, and the building belongs among the largest office centers in city. The design by architect Lubomír Zeman in cooperation with Atelier PH6 makes the most of colors, shapes, light, and space.

01> “The south part of the building facing the subway exit is made of glass and steel. The same materials architects used in the atrium dominated by huge posters.”

02> “From the seventh floor the reception recalls a ship, but looking down is not recommended for anyone afraid of heights.”

03> “In the contrast to the austerity of the building, the entrance area looks very representative. After all it is the first – thus very important – place a visitor sees.”

04> “On each floor, there are comfortable seats designed by D.T. Expert where people can meet unofficially. The fourth floor is decorated with neon lamps designed by VM Louny and a glass prism designed by Bohumil Eliáš. Do you also feel the impression created by the combination of works of art?”

05> “It was a problem to find a place for hundreds of people and, at the same time, to make sure they will not feel hemmed in. One of the solutions was using glass openings and outside terraces.”

06> “There is no real difference in my ‘office needs’, be it my home study or my office as managing director. I like space, light, moderate colors and as little furniture as possible, with a touch of modern art.”

07> “Everywhere, visitors encounter with simplicity of furnishing and design, corporate colors – grey and magenta – and lots of light. I walk through here every morning, passing the magenta pillow, a small kitchenette, a bathroom, a secretary’s office, towards my office.”

08> “Clients have a comfort level in the customer corner similar to anyone of us a few floors above. Simple furniture in corporate colors designed by D.T. Expert.”

09> “Architects attempted to match the facade with the interior. So the north part of the building is covered with natural ceramic tiles, as well as the inside wall of the restaurant.”






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