September 2004

“The only sacrificial lamb for everyone is the former prime minister, who is going to be promoted to the position of EU Commissioner, which is a unique award for governmental failure.”
– commented president Václav Klaus about the state’s crisis solution.

“I don’t have such a deep social thinking as my husband does; I am more into entrepreneurship. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t agree with social democrats. I believe that they mean it.”
– Šárka Grosssová, the prime minister’s wife, answering the question whether she is 100% sure about the ČSSD policy.

“I want to open this authority to the public. Today I suprised everyone by walking to the office on foot.”
– said the new minister for local development Jiří Paroubek (ČSSD) regarding his plans for his new governmental role.

“I don’t remember it as anything scary. I mainly remember those benches being so small that it was impossible to stretch your legs and that we had to stay on them for a very long time.”
– Musician Vladimír Mišík recalls his years in parliament. He was elected as an MP of Občanské fórum and spent two years there.






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