Miroslav Antl: Fateful moment

Photo: Martin Šára

For twenty-three years Miroslav Antl (49) was a state prosecutor. He was called a loose cannon, and the underworld took up a collection for his assassination. His career culminated in 2001, when he was named director of the Bureau of Investigation, and three months later deputy president of the police. Everything changed on 3 October 2002: he was driving under the influence of alcohol and had an accident. He immediately resigned and nearly vanished from public view.

TODAY HE IS Český Telecom’s executive director of security, and he says he regrets his mistake. He is just as active at Český Telecom as he was when he was the head of detectives, and he remains in contact with people in the field. “I’m interested in what goes on there, because I blame myself for not being able to complete the reorganization of police headquarters,” Antl says, adding that after his accident he knew he’d have to leave. “That bothers me; I saw it as a human failure, particularly since I professionally let down the police and the interior minister.”
After his dramatic departure from the police, he practiced law for a joint-stock company and lectured on criminal law at the police academy. Since July of last year he’s been chief of security for Český Telecom, where his decisiveness has been evident – only 140 of the original 249 security staff remain, and more changes aimed at greater efficiency are underway. “I’m gaining valuable managerial experience, and I don’t miss the adrenaline that comes with working in the field, since my regular contact with general director Berdár gives me plenty of it,” Antl says, laughing. But he had little to laugh about this January. The media reported that he failed to report for misdemeanor proceedings, so his offense remained unpunished due to the one-year statute of limitations. “I wasn’t trying to avoid going to court. I even requested that the case be moved to Prague, where I spend most of my time, but my file was shuttling between Pardubice and Hradec Králové, and no one contacted me in Prague,” he protests.
Although his misdemeanor still hasn’t been disposed of, he has allegedly transferred money to cover the possible penalty to a nongovernmental organization that assists victims of crimes, but he refuses to identify the organization. And how does this man who rose and fell precipitously see his future? “I want to succeed as a manager for the privatized Český Telecom. I think the new owner will need our services,” he says.






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