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Michael Žantovský : Success is no measure of happiness

Written by: Monika Mudranincová Photo: Týden – Jan Zátorský The public remembers Michael Žantovský (55) as President Havel’s first spokesman, senator, and chairman of the ODA. He left politics and these days is only rarely in the Czech Republic, as he’s the Czech ambassador to Israel. A GRADUATE in psychology and Reuters correspondent, he enjoyed…

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Written by: Monika Mudranincová PEOPLE UP Photo: ČTK Tomáš Hüner The removed general director of Severomoravská energetika (who criticized the unification of ČEZ with distribution companies), will be in charge of the group of three Bulgarian distribution companies that ČEZ is buying for CZK 8 bln. Photo: ČTK Jaroslav Tvrdík The head of ČSA can…

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ISSUE #106

Written by: Anita Lišková FINANCE: Paying on credit More and more Czechs are using the option of making purchases without paying the full amount up front, so this year installment plan sales will probably break last year’s record. This August Multiservis recorded a year-on-year increase in loans of 50%, and Cetelem recorded a 60% jump.…

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Rich but mute

Written by: Philippe Riboton JUDGING BY the reluctance we encountered when approaching people about this month’s cover story on the lifestyle of the Czech millionaires, one could conclude that it is still difficult to speak about one’s wealth. However, those which rank in the dollar millionaires club are no longer exceptions in the local landscape…

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