Aesthetic rules

Activa, an office supply company, has moved to a new building in Prague’s Letňany district. The interior’s simple and subdued character allows a dynamically functional solution to dominate. “We wanted to create a polished work environment, but I confess that it’s the prettiest corporate headquarters in its field,” says the firm’s executive and co-owner Martin Leitgeb.

01> “The conference room was intended for important meetings, so everything was aimed at that purpose. The room is elegant, without many disruptive elements that could distract attention. But it felt too cold at first, so we added a graphical element to the wall that is also visible in the corridors.”

02> “When I furnish my own work space I prefer airiness, functionality, and aesthetics. Timeless design must go hand-in-hand with high-quality furniture, particularly for office chairs.”

03,04> “We set aside two intimate, quiet corners to brighten up the long corridor.”

05> “We invited the architect Luboš Sekal to put the final aesthetic touches on the building. He successfully harmonized the whole facility and also made the otherwise monotonous hallways cozy and easy to navigate. The colorful walls make the space cheerful and unique.”

06> “The reception area represents the firm, as it is the entry point of communication. But it’s not absolutely necessary to decorate it with symbols of our activities – functionality and sufficient space are important.”

07> Martin Leitgeb

08> “My relationship to painting is specific and positive; I’ve been a fan since I was a child. I found this painting of Zlín by Svatopluk Slovenčík in his studio in devastated condition and had it restored.”






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