Toys: not for adults only

Once in a while you have to make yourself happy and buy something nice to wear, a treat to eat, or something to play with. If you’re embarassed to go to a toy store, just browse the internet. Once you’re tired of them, you can give the Barbie Doll or Matchbox racer to your kids.

A more transparent web site is unimaginable. The presentation of this e-shop lacks playfulness in its graphics, but it gets right to the matter. In the right corner a search eye blinks, and when you enter, say, Lego, 49 items appear. Ordered goods are mailed COD from Kroměříž once a week. Postage is CZK 59, and you can also order shipping via the Autopost delivery service (the driver brings you the parcel at a preset time). If you aren’t satisfied with the product you can return it, no questions asked, within 7 days, and the amount you paid is returned to your bank account.

Click on enticing pictures for more information, including a detailed view, dimensions, and weight. Stated prices include VAT. The products are divided according to children’s ages, type of product, manufacturer, and price. It’s interesting to seek inspiration from other customers’ purchases and choose from a ranking of the most successful toys. This site includes a text search function and a tool for more complicated questions with logical links. For COD orders up to CZK 3,000 shipping prices are postal rates according to weight. For orders over CZK 3,000, postage and handling are free.

Another virtual adviser that acquaints you with the matter. Toy sales are not the issue here, but you can read articles on this topic or enter a 30-day classified ad for what you want to sell or buy. As in daily papers, you’ll find news on the latest children’s products, and some ideas on their improvements or maintenance. Questionnaire results show that wooden toys are the most popular, followed by plastic and electronic items.

This is a catalogue of exclusively wooden toys. It’s easy to see that the simple yet clever design of products that contribute to children’s motor, psychological, and emotional skills is protected by registered design, and the quality and health attributes of the products are documented by various certificates and standards. You’ll find toys for infants, along with jig-saws and puzzles that even adults can enjoy. Marionettes, wooden mobiles, rockers, and other motion toys form a special product line. They all have a fairy-tale appearance, with pleasantly rounded shapes and bright, warm colors. It may make you wish for a second childhood.

Sapi rules when it comes to paper toys. The assortment isn’t large, but it has an extra dimension. Using recycled paper, it helps teach children traffic regulations – about crosswalks, looking both ways, etc. Sapi makes entire cardboard towns measuring 25×25 cm, and kids can add realistic houses, roads, signs, traffic lights, and gas stations. The base boards can be hooked together to form true cities. These construction sets are a purely Czech idea, and come recommended by BESIP as didactic aid for children aged 3 and over.

If you want to hand over property, close a rental agreement, or check whether your new employment contract covers all the right details, this is the site for you. It contains basic information on such legal actions, including very important contract specimens.
This is where to find out if your new (old) car bought from a used-car dealer was stolen. Just enter the VIN, engine and chassis numbers, and license plate in the right windows. You’ll certainly sleep better across borders without worries.
A clever site with advice for daily problems. Examples: how to organize personal finances; where to deposit money; which banks offer which loans; how to count savings from building savings plans; etc.
Unlike rarely updated web sites, so-called “blogs”, or internet diaries, display their owners’ latest insights and opinions. People involved in business and trade often have much to say to others. See for yourself.

word of the month:
– ImageLink allows the connection of any make of digital camera to a printer or printer dock from any other manufacturer, and pushing the single button prints a 10×15 or 9×13 cm picture in just 60 se-conds. It is unique because Eastman Kodak, Konica Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Ricoh, and Sanyo Electric support it – they’ve promised that starting in the first quarter of next year their products will be compatible, which means problem-free communication through a new standardized 26-pin connector.






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