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The studio of architect Petr Suske converted a country estate with modern design elements, creating a pleasant harmony with the spirit of the outdoors and the character of the countryside. The house, with a stone tower and a clay mound, under which the “calm” segment of the structure is hidden, is original in its ecological concept and interesting architectural articulation.

The stone look-out tower works as a connecting element between the social part and the calmer areas, and includes a bedroom. It’s also a counterpoint for the nearby castle.

The demanding craft of masonry is nearly forgotten. The material is cheap, the labor expensive. Ideal for handymen.

Despite its modern design, the natural-wood and brick-floored kitchen shows the rustic nature of the estate.

The clay mound covers the “night” part from the north, protecting it against noise and cold, as well as providing desired privacy.

Entertaining dialogue between shapes in three segments: bedroom wing, connected tower, and “social” section, with living room and children’s rooms upstairs.

As per the investor’s wish, the interior has rustic elements, such as beams from an old granary in the living room.

A bathroom can also be a place to hang out, if natural wood predominates. Although it features a lot of glass, the required intimacy is achieved by the landscaped garden.


from the outside
Petr Suske

Part of the house is covered by soil. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this unusual design?
” The mound protects the house from cold north winds, and because the structure disappears under the ground it doesn’t look so imposing. It returns a part of the built-up land to nature. Another condition was high-quality water-proofing that must also resist intrusions by roots. But there are many high-quality, affordable insulation materials on the market. The approximately 30-centimeter layer of soil isn’t big enough to require special structural modifications.”

from the inside
Petr Douša

As the user, how do you feel about the specifics of this home’s ecological construction?
” Very good. The house is designed in maximal linkage to nature and has an excellent microclimate. It offers an optimal environment for family life. The rooms in the part under the clay mound are insulated by soil, which acts like natural climate control, so in the summer the house doesn’t overheat. We also appreciate the lovely symbiosis of classic natural materials and modern architectural design.”






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