ISSUE #108

Upscale exercise – 26.10.2004
When you get tired shopping at the Nový Smíchov mall, strech your muscles at the Holmes Place luxury fitness center. In the aerobic class, perhaps you will meet one of the showbiz celebrities that were admiring the set-up during the launch party.

Sean Turner (left), club manager of Holmes Place and Marco Sipione from Accenture Central Europe

Model Simona Krainová (left) and singer Gabriela Partyšová moderated the evening

Jewel of Pařížská street – 04.11.2004
Halada jewelery already made a splash in this country, so it was just a matter of time before they joined the group of luxury brands lined up in Pařížská street. The Halada couple themselves introduced the new shop full of beautiful jewelery.

Ida Leonore Van Veldhuizen-Rothenbücher (left), Netherlands ambassador,
Bořek Šípek (middle), designer and architect, and Dagmar Sedlická, psychologist and journalist

Štěpán (left) and Lia Halada, owners of Halada, Jiří Pešina (second from left),
moderator of the evening and Bořek Šípek

An extra wheel – 10.11.2004
The Kolečko foundation organized a very unusual auction. Actors Eva Holubová and Jan Kraus appeared in the role of auctioneers, and thanks to them about 50 photographs of Tomáš Beran were sold. The generated amount of CZK 300,000 was given to the children trauma ward at Thomayer’s faculty hospital.

Singers Matěj Ruppert (left) and Dan Bárta

Tomáš Beran, photographer and founder of the Kolečko foundation with singer Helena Vondráčková

Crossroads – 12.11.2004
The British council together with the British embassy in Prague are the authors of the project “Crossroads of Ideas”, which enabled many Czech young artists to compare their art with their British counterparts. A splendid fashion show and closing party took place in Prague’s Ecotechnical Museum.

Eva Valová and Jan Chudoba (left), both partners and CEOs of Fashion Point Prague,
with choreographer Vladimír Frant

Bára Škorpilová, designer and Mario Wild, florist and decorator

New wine, new party – 18.11.2004
With whom better to welcome Beaujolais than with the French? The Accor hotel group has once again thrown the “welcome party” in Mercure hotel. How is this year’s vintage? If you drink too much, it gives you a headache just like last year’s…

Jérome Poussin (left), marketing and communication manager, Carrefour;
Olivier Bauduin (middle), general manager, Brainstorm cz;
and Erick Gillier, Accounting & Consulting manager, Mazars

Martin Ykema (left), general director of Novotel and Ibis Praha City
and Thomas Gerschpacher, managing director, Liberty

Lukáš Viktora (left), development manager, ČSA
and Miroslav Bouček, business & marketing manager, Diners Club International






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