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Time is always tight at year’s end; we try to finish what we’ve put off and shop for Christmas gifts, and some of us still have to organize Christmas parties for clients. You needn’t worry about that if you call the right helpers. You can find them on the internet.

“Max” in this address is a short cut of the company name – Maximum Party Service – which speaks for itself. Their motto is “Maximum services for you” and the well-arranged pages will easily lead you through the offer and references. Catering creates the basis on which other services are built – the event program, space rental, decorations, flowers, technical equipment, interpreting services, security, printing of invitations and menus, etc. The company is able to prepare special events too, such as sport afternoons. You can also find various proposals of menus accompanied with pictures, so that you know what you’ll get. The only thing missing is the possibility for preliminary calculations and on-line orders.

This site is not only an Internet wine magazine, it also helps you with the content of soirées and parties with organized tastings, comprehensive catering service, a so-called slow-food program supplemented by an indispensible tasting, and possibly a wine show. The company cooperates with leading private Czech vintners whose products it presents, although it’s no problem to order highly renowned brands from around the world: Champagne, Bordeaux, California, Chile, etc. Besides expert commentary from sommeliers and well-informed guidance on combining foods and beverages, it also ensures tent rentals, live musical accompaniment, or emcees.

Without mentioning how parties themselves go, there’s one important detail: transport to and from. And this very factor can be a crucial part of the evening. Who wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of a famous film star and get out of a Cadillac Fleetwood stretch limo, the prestigious ride of the American president? Renting it for three hours costs CZK 6,000, which includes a driver, 100 free kilometers, and Champagne served in the car.

Thinking up original content for a soirée is far from simple. But one thing will bring smiles to adults and children: fireworks. Merlinfire deals with professional, customized fireworks, even arranging the necessary municipal and police permits, and alerting fire departments as a precaution. Prices vary according to the size of the fireworks and the effects that go with them. For about CZK 10,000 you can prepare high-quality display lasting three to four minutes, starting with ground effects escalating to a high-altitude finale. Merlinfire also supplements its productions with audio-visual effects and choreographies, and even cleans up after.

After having numerous large events catered, you might want to try something different. For example – a party featuring nothing but sweets. At the Marcipánka web site you can choose from nearly 500 types of cakes, desserts, and sweet treats. All are hand-made, and they can come in almost any shape – from cars and sporting goods to children’s toys and erotic accessories. The confectionary also offers a few unique products, like cakes with your boss’ picture printed on edible paper. At last you can chew him out. Orders must be placed seven days in advance, and the firm delivers and charges CZK 13 per kilometer.

Media Data System is an information databank from the media market that processes data for advertising and the media. Its advantage is daily updates, thanks to regular data collection and cataloguing.
An address where you’ll find all telephone numbers in the Czech Republic and abroad, including the most important ones. Links to presentations lead to the Commercial Registry and ARES – the Economic Subjects Administrative Registry.
The basis of this public service portal, which operates for about a month, includes four connected databases: Life situations, Laws, Applications, Addresses. You can search for information or communicate on-line with various offices.
A private educational institution that since 1991 has been offering interprofessional, post-secondary, and life-long education in the areas of corporate management, managerial psychology, marketing, human resources, etc.

word of the month:
This English term “Smartphone” precisely expresses the essence of a manager’s mobile phone. With one, you can make regular calls, send and receive emails, store hundreds of numbers and addresses, clearly plan out your day starting with a wake-up call, read the news on the net, take pictures or record your voice, and send recordings out while still listening to your favorite music. Data are easily transferred to a PC, and vice-versa. Like computers, Smartphones also have so-called open operating systems, and can be expanded by other applications practically without limit. Their “smartness” lies not only in their numerous functions, but more importantly in their adaptability.






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