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Perhaps the most evocative place for an outsider in all of China, Shanghai has been the inspiration for everything from lurid novels to cocktails. From imperialism, through colonialism and communism, this mysterious city has remained a cultural and commercial center since the 13th century.

Rudolf Fiala
representative for China, Škoda Auto

Favorite hotel: Portman Ritz-Carlton, 1376 Nanjing Xilu, tel.: +86 21 6279 8888
Favorite restaurant: Paulaner Brauhaus, 150 Fenyang Lu, tel.: +86 21 6474 5700
Favorite night club: Manhattan Bar – in front of the Equatorial hotel, but after reconstruction this place lost its charm (glamor)
Favorite attraction: Shanghai Lao Fandian (Old Shanghai)
Best-kept secret: An evening walk through the Old Chinese Quarter.
Favorite shop: No particular favorite, but it is nice to shop at Nanjing Donglu street.
Advice: Always carry the address of your hotel written in Chinese
Jan Pospíšil
program director, China tours
Favorite hotel: Hotel Equatorial, No. 65 Yanan West Rd, tel.: +86 21 6248 1688
Favorite restaurant: Daijiacuan, No. 159 Aomen Lu (Macao Rd), tel.: +86 21 6227 1546
Here you can see there traditional dances of Dai minority.
Favorite night club: Yingyang Disco (YY’s), No. 125 Nanchang Rd. tel.: +86 21 6431 2668
Favorite attraction: Disc Kart, No. 326 Ao Men Lu (Macao Rd), tel.: +86 21 5252 0278
Best-kept secret: An evening walk through the Old Chinese Quarter.
Favorite shop: Nextage Department Store, No. 501 Zhangyang Rd, Pudong, tel.: +86 21 5830 1111, – it is said to be second biggest shopping center in the world
Advice: Take a local guide with you. Somebody who knows local customs and speaks the language. It’s worth it.
Philippe Cochard
marketing director, Danone Biscuits ChinaFavorite hotel: Grand Hyatt Hotel, 88 Century Boulevard, tel.: +86 21 5049 1234
– at the top of the Jin Mao Tower
Favorite restaurant: M on the Bund, 7/F 20 Guangdong Road, tel.: +86 21 6350 9988
– a table on the terrace with wide and amazing view of Pudong
Favorite night club: Try karaoke instead of going to night clubs; it’s a unique experience.
Favorite attraction: Garden Yu Yuan in the northeast part of the old town.
Best-kept secret: Enjoy a flower tea in the Yu Yuan Center.
Favorite shop: Flower market or Zhong Zhong antiques show rooms, 3050 He Chuan Road,
tel.: + 86 21 6406 4066
Advice: Start touring early, around seven in the morning – try Chinese breakfast on the street and don’t miss the traditional Tai Chi ritual, it will put you in a good mood all day long.



Basic factsLocation: Shanghai Special Municipality, China.
Country dialing code: 86.
Population: 7,500,000 (city); 16,730,000 (metropolitan area).
Ethnic mix: 99% Han Chinese; more than 50 ethnic groups compose the other 1%
Religion: 98% Buddhist and Taoist, 1% Christian, 1% others.
Time zone: GMT + 8 (GMT + 7 from last Sunday in March to last Saturday in October).
Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50 Hz; three-pin plugs are standard.
Average January temp: 3° C (45° F).
Average July temp: 28° C (77° F).
Annual rainfall: 1,200 mm (47.2 inches).

Where on the web?
For further information, we suggest the following websites dedicated to Shanghai: – good starting point with essentials on dining, shopping and doing business in Shanghai – a well-rounded, not too in-depth overview of the city and its attractions – aimed at professional and business visitors, this site has good details and links for accommodation, dining and the like – good basic info to have before taking the flight – focused on getting there and orientation, the Lonely Planet site is excellent for less seasoned travelers – in Chinese and English, this site offers links and a search for information on the city


Business profile


· 1.0-liter bottle of mineral water: CNY 2
· 33-cl bottle of beer: CNY 5
· Financial Times newspaper: CNY 25
· 36-exposure color film: CNY 20
· city-center bus ticket: CNY 1
· adult football ticket: CNY 100
· three-course meal with wine/beer: from CNY 100

1 Chinese Renminbi (or Yuan) CNY 1 = CZK 3.06; EUR 0.094; GBP 0.063; USD 0.12
( Currency conversion rates as of press time.)


· Since its WTO membership, Shanghai has become the economic powerhouse of China’s modernization, and is pitching to replace Hong Kong as Greater China’s financial and maritime trade center. The growth of tourism (approximately 6%) and a developing leisure economy explain such foresight in retaining an attractive environment and characterful neighborhoods.

· Shanghai is the number one focus for foreign investment in China, having received over USD 40 billion – the greatest investment in any city in the world. International auto giants with local joint ventures include Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Volvo and Buick, whose products fill the streets.

· Financial services are an important and growing sector of the local economy, with the combined capitalization of Shanghai and Shenzhen’s exchanges already exceeding that of Hong Kong.

· The Pudong New Area (actually 1.5 times larger than urban Shanghai) is being developed into an international economic, financial and trade centers. Free trade zones and high-tech parks were opened here, while infrastructure improvements were matched with the opening of new bridge and tunnel links across the river.


Business etiquette

· Business is very formal, with executives exchanging business cards, bows and handshakes. Both men and women should dress in neutral colors and avoid pointing or excessive personal contact.

· In many larger and older firms, a Party appointee, who has an honorary senior post in the company, will preside at the first sessions, then leave the real business to the operational management.

· Foreigners are usually treated with cautious respect, although outsiders should not always expect a Japanese-style enthusiasm for foreign languages and culture.

· Protracted negotiations can often be wound up neatly during a business banquet or an after-hours karaoke session.







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