May 2004

“He works sixteen hours a day, and every hard-working person knows how important it is to live comfortably.”
– Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson Martin Severa, referring to the criticism of Minister Jaroslav Palas (ČSSD) for living in a 120 m2 luxury appartment near Staroměstské náměstí. The rent is paid by the ministry.

“I can offer you attention from all over the world. I can fully guarantee that my selection will be written about all over the world, from China to America.”
– pornstar Dolly Buster’s claims about what she is offering potential Czech voters. Buster is running for European parliament.

“In the life of every political party sometimes there is a need for deratization.”
– Former Prime minister Miloš Zeman talks about his party at the ČSSD meeting in Most.

“Our club was handicapped at 7.50 by a sudden epidemic.”
– Dan Jiránek (ODS), candidate for mayor of Kladno, comments the situation when the majority of his ODS colleagues never showed up for his election.







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