Monthly Archives: June 2004


Written by: Monika Mudranincová PEOPLE UP Photo: T. Kubeš David Čížek The head of DCCI announced that his company is the first in this country to release a catalogue of mobile phone games, and began to distribute it in stores. Games that are chosen by the client are sent directly to the user’s phone without…

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Written by: Anita Lišková allphoto images SOCIETY: How we spend our free time The Public Opinion Research Center at the Sociological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences has published its latest study of how Czechs spend their free time, indicating that reading magazines is the most popular activity – 70% of respondents open a…

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Mission impossible

Written by: Philippe Riboton WHEN POINTING OUT successful women in the work place, most people often wonder how those “exceptions” managed to climb their way up in a business environment that is still pretty heavily dominated by men. With some good reason, they usually stress how difficult it must have been for them to surpass…

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