ISSUE #109

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STATISTICS: Rating employee satisfaction
“How satisfied are you with your job?“ The Center for Public Opinion Research asked this of almost six hundred respondents. Surprisingly, over 80% expressed satisfaction. The most satisfied were those with university educations and the self-employed. The majority of people (80%) consider their work tasks as interesting, two-thirds of workers feel good about the organization of their work, and the same percentage are happy with their superiors and work hours. On the other hand, almost half of the respondents questioned the possibility of further advancement in their job.

LEGISLATION: Exporters wary of the state
The tenth consecutive study mapping out the stances of exporters was published by GfK in cooperation with DHL Express. Shortly after Czech EU accession nine of ten contacted exporters stated that they were well-prepared. 40% of the 250 respondents are thinking about taking advantage of EU structural fund assets for their export plans. Only 10% of the questioned firms use electronic trade, and another 12% are planning on launching it this year. As for future export potential, they consider the markets with the best prospects to be Russia (22%), Germany (21%), and other EU countries (20%). With respect to Stanislav Gross’s government, the position of questioned exporters is interesting – only 10% of exporters trust it, while 70% don’t.

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PUBLIC SERVICES: More money to state bodies
If you want to register a motor vehicle or need confirmation of the status of your tax account, as of January you will have to part with a lot more money. The amended law on administrative fees sharply increases fifty already existing fees and introduces almost the same number of new ones. Motor vehicle registrations will cost CZK 800, up from CZK 300, the CZK 5,000 fee for granting Czech citizenship will double, and individual product or service trademarks will cost CZK 5,000 instead of 4,000. A change in your travel document will cost CZK 50 for the first time, acknowledgement of forms issued abroad will cost you CZK 100, the issuing of a solvency confirmation will cost CZK 300, and announcing a change in permanent residence will cost CZK 50.






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