Citroen C4: auto avant-garde

The days when the French brand Citroen was synonymous with the automotive avant-garde are returning. A pair of passenger cars, the C4 and the C4 Coupé, demonstrate this with their style and array of technical solutions.

AT FIRST GLANCE the 4.26 meter-long, five-door hatchback Citroen C4 and the 4.27 meter-long two-door C4 Coupé, with its distinctively shaped liftable rear end, give rather different impressions. So what do they have in common? A chassis with excellent handling characteristics, a range of modern engines, and, amazingly, equally spacious interiors with room for five travelers – the interior lengths and widths of the two models are the same, and their luggage spaces are nearly identical: 320 liters in the basic arrangement of the five-door and 314 l in the coupé, 1,023 l and 1,083 l with the rear seats folded down. The C4 and the C4 Coupé have steering wheels with fixed hubs on which many control elements are mounted and which guarantee optimal driver airbag function. The sporty C4 Coupé VTS comes with bi-xenon, self-directing headlights that illuminate the path into turns.
The basic offer consists of the C4 and C4 Coupé with X options and 1.4 l gasoline engines (90 hp/65 kW), and they sell for CZK 395,000 and 410,000, then mid-range C4 models with economical 1.6 HDi turbodiesels (92 or 110 hp/66 or 80 kW) – the first with X options for CZK 480,000, the second, with SX options, for CZK 555,000. Comfort lovers can choose the five-door C4 SX Pack with a 2.0 HDi turbodiesel (138 hp/100 kW) for CZK 575,000, and the sporty VTS coupé offers adrenaline experiences for CZK 655,000, with a four-cylinder, 2.0 l gasoline engine (180 hp/130 kW) that drives it to a top speed of 227 km/h.






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