January 2005

“Chapter one: Mommy has the car. Daddy has a piercing. Sister is a porn star. Brother deals ecstasy. Auntie has a tattoo. Uncle doesn’t work, he is happy with social benefits. Grandpa is an StB agent.“
– Miroslav Macek’s “suggestion“ of how to write a new picture primer book (for kids when they learn to read), which would cover the modern world in its reality and variety.

“I met one friend of mine and he told me, ‘You know, I would say that you are like Poseidon. All of a sudden you emerged from the calm waters and you called up a storm’. I think this corresponds to reality.“
– Minister of Labor and Social Affairs and candidate for head of ČSSD, Zdeněk Škromach, poetically describing his self-image.

“Let’s enjoy those few moments before we are in the government and we love each other.“
– Warning from ODS MP and shadow minister of industry Martin Říman against early distribution of seats in the new government.

“Drinking from plastic bottle, backpacking, and snowboarding – I consider these as expressions of a ‘life attitude’.“
– Stated passionate skier and president Václav Klaus, when he was offered water in a plastic bottle prior to a radio interview. According to Klaus, these are also the signs that help to identify a typical left-winger.






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