Become an isle of excellence

“My motivation for growing and developing into an outstanding leader is very high, yet I feel as though the managers around me appear to be languishing.

Realize that at your level in a large organization, you will probably not be able to change anyone or anything above your level, so don’t waste your energy on it.
Instead focus on that you can change, namely yourself. Concentrate on becoming an island of excellence in a sea of mediocrity. The ultimate threat to your future is stagnation; therefore if you choose to stay in your current company continued personal and professional growth is essential for a better tomorrow. The managerial moment of truth comes when you realize that, as the leader, you are the trigger for change in and for the organization. Those around you will pay the price in time, energy, and money to grow and develop in their jobs as they come to see you as their leadership beacon.
Take on the responsibility of becoming an island of excellence within your company no matter what everyone else is doing, and you will eventually enjoy the pay off:

  • Your energy will eventually be noticed, thus making you more valuable in the company. Your goal is to make them believe you are indispensable through a sustained high performance record of accomplishments.
  • The competition will have to take note of your high performance results too. Focus on not only being the best at what you do in your company. Being the best raises your value and opportunities for improved career moves. If your employer won’t compensate you for what you are worth, a proven record of accomplishments through sound leadership is valuable on the job market.
  • Keep your eye on the future. There might come a time when you want to strike out on your own. Every time you learn and improve as a leader, you will become more skilled as an entrepreneur.
    The adaptability that will prepare you for tomorrow’s leadership challenge is anchored in your personal integrity and the other positive qualities to which you aspire.

Article prepared by Renée LeMoine, Executive Director, LeMoine & Associates






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