Alfa Crosswagon Q4: audacious vagabond

Italian automaker Alfa Romeo is synonymous with sporty elegance and performance. But the new Alfa Crosswagon Q4 can not only deftly sweep along highways, but also along country roads and over light terrain.

THE ATTRACTIVE, 4.44 meter-long, five-seat Crosswagon Q4 station wagon stands out, not only with its elegant exterior with elements that reveal its inclusion in the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) category, but mainly with its first-rate technology. The 65 mm-higher chassis has all-wheel drive and three differentials, with the self-locking interaxle Torsen C differential changing the ratio of torque to the front and rear wheels according to the immediate situation. During acceleration a full 80% of the torque goes to the rear axle, and in situations where there is a danger of oversteering this share drops to 40%, optimizing rear-wheel traction. Of course the Crosswagon Q4 has a VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) stabilization system like Alfa Romeo’s ESP, which also includes ASR (Anti Slip Regulation), which prevents wheel-spin. Thanks to this and four-wheel drive, the car has excellent traction on even snowy or muddy roads, providing the driver with the excitement of dynamic sports handling along with a high degree of active safety.
The heart of this versatile station wagon with a variable interior is a four-cylinder 1.9 JTD MultiJet diesel engine (150 hp/110 kW) mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Special bumpers, lateral steel protectors beneath the door sills, and cast wheels fitted with special 225/55 R 17 All Seasons tires are all well suited for this car’s character. The Alfa Crosswagon Q4 Progression sells for CZK 1,129,000, and the Alfa Crosswagon Q4, with enhanced equipment, costs CZK 1,149,000.






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