March 2005

“The idea of the commercial was to show the beauty of Jewish ingenuity.”
– Ivan Drbohlav, the director of Mountfield, defending the controversial commercial parodying the character of an orthodox Jew who bargains for a discount on his purchase of a power saw.

“During your confession the parson will not ask you about your virtues, but about your sins, so that you can improve.”
– The ex-minister of the environment Ivan Dejmal praises the ad shot by the agency Leo Burnett for Greenpeace, where the Czech anthem praising the beauty of the Czech lands is contrasted with a devastated landscape.

“Vote for ODS! I am a thief and I am not ashamed of it!”
– “Confession” made by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Zdeněk Škromach, (ČSSD) on his website. In reality it was a hacker’s work.

“The suspect could, for example, claim: Yes, I have been there, I went to rob a bank with a gun, and on my way there I banged into a lamp post, so my nose was bleeding.”
– The attorney of Jakob Mošajlov, a suspect in the case of the bomb that exploded in front of the Casino Royal in Prague, presents his client’s possible explanation for the discovery of a coat stained with Mošajlov’s blood, a gun, an unexploded grenade, and a wig in a deserted house. The attorney is driving at the fact that so far nobody has interrogated the suspect.






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