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Michael Fried (39)
Since 1 February 2005 – new general director of Czech On Line in the Czech Republic

What do you see as the main challenge of your appointment?
To hold and increase Czech On Line’s position as the top alternative operator in the Czech Republic. To come up with new approaches to provide customers with the best telco solutions, while avoiding cannibalization of our traditional services.

What do you think should be the main strenght of the general manager?
Managing, leading, negotiating, and representing are basic abilities of a GM. In the top management it is necessary to have “the guts” to make decisions.

Curriculum Vitae:
1985-93 started as export manager for Buben & Fried
1992 completed business management studies at the Vienna School of Economics
1994-95 short engagement at ABN AMRO Bank (Austria, the Netherlands, Chile)
1995-95 general director of Intercontroll
1999 founded the online auction hall One Two Sold
2002-03 served as head of Jet2Web internet services

What was the first job you ever had?
Being a mountain guide in the Mont Blanc region in 1981. My second real job was selling insurance from door to door.

What did you want to become when you were a kid?
I dreamed about leading expeditions in remote parts of the world. The combination of adventure and sports attracts me still.

Who is your role model?
Concerning the flexibility, cosmopolitan approach and soft skills, it is my father. In term of success in business – Pierre M. Omidyar – eBay’s founder.

What are the main characteristics of your management style?
I follow an “open door policy” – in principle my employees always have access to me. If an employee feels his voice is heard and his opinions are valued, he will be more willing to act in the firm’s best interest.


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Milan Prypoň (47)
Since 2 February 2005 – Hewlett-Packard general director and director of its Customer Solutions Group

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Anna Chmelíková (33)
Since 4 February 2005 – country commercial manager for British Airways in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Curriculum Vitae:
1982 electrical technology department of SVŠT in Bratislava, and ZVL Považských strojární
1990-93 in private business
1994 MBA from the J. M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, USA, sales director of the services division of Hewlett-Packard
2000 general director of HP SR
2002 management of the services division of the new HP CR
Curriculum Vitae:
1995-96 Brown University, USA
1997 Eastern Bohemia University in Hradec Králové
1997-99 marketing specialist in a law office
1999-01 mktg. manager MONA
2001-03 mktg. executive British Airways CR and SR
2003 regional mktg. executive


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Jiří Krátký (45)
Since 2 February 2005 – new director of EMC Czech Republic

Curriculum Vitae:
1984 construction department of ČVUT (Czech Institute of Technology) in Prague
1992-95 director of Elsat-Dicom Group
1995-99 executive vice president for central and eastern Europe for Bentley Systems, Inc.
1999-04 general director of Sun Microsystems, CR and SR






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