ISSUE #112

Cinema chic
The Denon 550SD 5.1 Home Cinema System destroys the myth that good-sounding home cinema has to be bulky and ugly. The aluminum encased DVD & receiver are true separates, with the full range of decoding and playback options found on other AV components, yet the two units are compact and stylish. The sleek satellite speakers provide an all-encompassing surround-sound-field with a wide frequency response and the 100 watt amplifier delivers effortless, low bass. Price: CZK 34,900
Prints in a snap
The SPP-2020/2040 are Samsung’s newest office ware additions – a dye sublimation A6 photo printer that users will love for its compact size, as well as its convenient PC-less editing functions. The SPP-2040 series features a 7-in-1 memory interface, and supports direct printing connectivity with PictBridgeTM for digital cameras, camera phones, and digital camcorders. Available as both a wireless (Bluetooth) and wired printer, the SPP-2040 boasts great quality and fast operation.
Price: CZK 6,000
Shoot & share
Sony Ericsson’s new S710a sports an elegant, rotating design, support for high speed data networks, and a powerful 1.3-megapixel integrated camera. Add these to a jumbo screen, Bluetooth, and support for expandable memory, and you’ve got one serious contender in the high-end handset arena. While photos are obviously the focus, other forms of entertainment – like games and a basic MP3-playing application – will attract target users. Price: CZK 14,500.






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