Shortcut to registry of deeds

Do you want to find information on real estate in the Czech Republic as easily and quickly as possible?

We recommend that you visit the Registry of Deeds over the internet ( instead of spending time going to the office or sending information by post. There are currently two options. The simplest is an application called “Consulting the Registry of Deeds”, which allows you to access selected data on the ownership of parcels, buildings, and units (apartments or non-residential spaces), and information regarding the status of proceedings on the registration of ownership and other rights to real estate or regarding confirmation of geometric plans (since 1 January 2003). The advantage is that this application is free of charge and accessible to all net users. However, the available information is limited. For example, it doesn’t allow you to get excerpts from the Registry of Deeds or look at maps. The data are usually up-dated daily.
The second option is “Dálkový přístup do katastru nemovitostí” (Remote Access to the Registry of Deeds) This is governed under Edict No. 162/2001 Coll., on the provision of information from the Czech Republic Registry of Deeds. This system allows you to get excerpts from the Registry of Deeds, information on parcels, buildings, apartments, and residential spaces, or cadastral maps – i.e., more information than from the “Nahlížení” application. Access to the system is limited to users with customer accounts based on applications submitted to the Czech Land Survey and Cadastral Authority. Applications are submitted in writing, in duplicate. A confirmed application, with the number of the remote access customer account and the file number, will be returned by mail. This closes the contract on the provision of the service. You also receive a user name and password for logging on to the system.
The customer account can be used about 10 days after receipt of the application by the provider. When you apply for a customer account you must choose a billing period – monthly or quarterly. After this period expires you’ll be sent an invoice based on the information requested, assuming the billed sum exceeds CZK 500. One page of provided information costs CZK 50, and you’re charged for just looking at a page. Information from the registry acquired through remote access is, with exceptions, of informational nature, and printed information does not constitute public documentation.






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