ISSUE #112

VIPs in a church – 10.03.2005
Italian photographer Rossano Manischalchi, who often works in Prague, invited many VIP guests to St. Roch Church in Prague. In the renowned gallery Miro he unveiled his photography book “Without Sound” and an exhibition of his portraits. A reception followed in the recently opened stylish Roma Hotel at Kampa.

Rossano Manischalchi (right), Matteo Scardicci (middle), Rödl & Partner
and Filippo Caroselli, partner, Accenture

Cesare Francovsi (left), owner, hotel Roma, with his guest Rossano Manischalchi

Roberto Causio (left), general manager, Alitalia,
and Italian ambassador Giorgio Radicati, with his wife

Brand champions – 14.03.2005
For the fourth time, the weekly magazine Strategie and Euro RSCG Prague held a contest for the best marketing professionals in the Czech Republic. Five candidates got to the finals of Brand Manager of the Year 2004 from which the jury chose three winners. The first prize went to Jan Vokurka from Nestlé Česko, second to Věra Komárová from Alphaduct, and third place to Miroslav Řezník from Česká pojišťovna.

Jan Vokurka (right), Nestlé Česko receives the prize from the hands of
Gilles Bérouard, general manager, Euro RSCG

Ondřej Obluk (left), managing director, BBK Advertising
and Miroslav Řezník, head of marketing, Česká pojišťovna

Yves Legros (left), general manager, Danone and Jiří Janoušek, Euro RSCG

Věra Komárová, Alphaduct with Čestmír Benda, CEO, Tanagra

Following the portrait of Radovan Vávra in the “Where Are They Now” section of our March issue, we received a request from Mr Vávra to correct some of the published information. Our article stated that Union banka had been put under forced administration, when in fact the bank was closed on the initiative of its managers. Mr Vávra stated that he personally decided to close down the bank in order to protect the depositors savings, “after the government decided, quite to the contrary of its long term strategy and repeated claims, not to participate in the restructuring of Union banka.” Mr Vávra was subsequently removed from his position by the supervisory board controlled by the company Investmart.






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