ISSUE #113

Tariff buster
Siemens Gigaset cordless phones (with integrated answering machine) are designed to appeal to efficient technology lovers, with hands-free functions that include voice dialing. Connecting the Gigaset M34 USB PC adapter to a PC enables low-cost Voice Over IP phone calls worldwide for the price of an internet connection. CZK 4,690 (SL440 – pictured).
Digital gem
Nokia launches a new line of lifestyle enhancements with the Nokia RX-3 Medallion, an accessory for egos. Using their digital camera or cell phone camera, wearers can transmit the image to appear in the medallion of this high-tech choker. Uploaded cameos can range from solid colors to brand logos or pics of your loved one. CZK 10,500.
Instant cinema
Hewlett-Packard’s ep9012 is a single-unit home theater that includes an integrated DVD player and 2.1 sound system, theater-like projection at up to 9 diagonal feet, and 800 x 600 dpi resolution. There’s also inputs for everything from cable to PlayStation. CZK 59,000.






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