ISSUE #113

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Josef Valenta (44)
Since 1 April 2005, named general director of Zentiva CZ.What persuaded you to accept the offer of this position?
I see leading Zentiva’s commercial unit on the domestic market as a great honor, so the decision was simple.

What do you consider your main task?
Successfully planning and applying the firm’s strategy in the area of the Czech Republic’s primary health care system. Our mission is to increase the availability of high-quality medications for all patients. As a domestic producer, Zentiva plays a decisive role in this process by law.

Curriculum Vitae:
1984 graduated from the Pharmaceutical faculty of Charles University
1992-93 Medical sales representative for Glaxo, Czech Republic
1993-97 Medical sales representative and product manager in Astra Zeneca
1997-2003 Regional director for central Europe and marketing manager for CZ and SK in Ivax company
2003-2005 manager, integration manager, commercial zone manager in former Léčiva, now Zentiva, Slovak Republic

What do you think a general director’s most important strength should be?
The strength of any manager is faith in the team of his subordinates, the ability to build a high-quality team. If you can put together a team of colleagues who are stronger than you are in many ways, it improves the quality of the whole team.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Teacher, chimney-sweep – and in my later school years, I was enchanted by the work of the head of our village pharmacy. I wanted to become a pharmacist, and my dream came true.

How would you describe your management style?
A combination of leadership and facilitation of a team dynamic.

What would you like people to know about you?
I like teamwork, and in private I like to laugh, even though I may not look it.

How would you describe yourself in a few words?
Tenacious, open to the opinions of others, goal-oriented (in my wife’s words).


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Mariella J. Delgado (50)
As of 23 March 2005, appointed general director of Volvo Auto Czech.

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Peter Rafna (37)
Since 1 March 2005, new general director of Contactel.

Curriculum Vitae:
1986 graduated from Gothenburg School of Economics in Sweden
1986-90 various positions in Volvo in Bulgaria and Romania
1990-98 Senior Area Director Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru
1999-2002 Senior director of marketing of Volvo Auto Mexico
2003-2004 Head of Volvo Auto Mexico
Curriculum Vitae:
1993 MSc Economics, University of Aarhus, Denmark
1994-2000 Various positions in Danske Bank, Denmark, BMW, Germany, Belgacom, Belgium and Talkline in Germany
2000-2002 Vice President, TDC Internet
2002-2003 CEO and President, TDC Internet Polska
2003-2005 Vice President, TDC Solutions, Denmark
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Milan Růžička (44)
On 1 April, named general director of Electroworld central Europe.

Curriculum Vitae:
1987 degree from VUT Brno, and management development program in Lausanne
1991-95 sales mgr., Ahold ČR
1995-96 Ahold hypermarkets
1996-2000 CEO of Prima (later Hypernova) hypermarkets
2000-2002 Albert division director
2002-2005 Chief operations Manager of Ahold CZ






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