ISSUE #114

Get Bluetooth from a BlackBerry
The BlackBerry handset represents a reliable and safe way to have your email and organizer at hand anytime, thus improving the efficiency of business communication. Synchronization software keeps all of your messages, reminders for meetings, and other information as current in your device as on the corporate server. The Java-based 7290 model builds upon the popular BlackBerry experience with new features including a quad-band phone, Bluetooth support, a brighter color screen and enhanced memory. Offered only by T-Mobile in the Czech Republic. CZK 11,499.
Slick, slim & speedy
Cross an iPod and an eMac and what do you get? The new iMac G5, the third generation of Apple’s trendsetting desktop design for the home and school. Powered by the blisteringly fast PowerPC G5 processor, the iMac G5 handles everything you throw at it in record time. The new minimalist machine (entry-level model) boasts a 17-inch screen; a 1.6GHz G5 processor; 256MB of memory; an 80GB, 7,200-rpm Serial ATA hard drive; and, built into the upper-right side of the system, a slot-loading DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo drive. CZK 36,600.
Style meets science
In addition to the classic good looks that have made Philip Stein watches famous, the new Teslar model features a special chip that emits electromagnetic waves. These waves create an invisible “shield” for the wearer that resists the low-energy electromagnetic fields (EMF) given off by cell phones and many other electronic devices. The effects purportedly result in increased concentration, better sleep, less tension, and an overall feeling of well-being. Price on the Czech market to be announced.






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