June 2005

“When I see numbers or I have to calculate something, it is a problem. The Prime Minister is an economist, he explains everything in numbers and I don’t understand him,”
– Veronika Skořepová’s complaint about how tricky the position of government speaker is. She survived only 12 days in the post, due to statements like this and misrepresentations on her CV.

“I guess three quarters of all deputies have tried marijuana,”
– remarked Kateřina Dostálová about Czech parliament deputies (including herself), who still maintain cannabis as an illegal drug in our legislation.

“If we want to win the revolution, massive revolutionary forces have to be prepared and the right methodology for the fight has to be worked out,”
– advised North Korean deputy Ri Pjong Gap to his less radical colleagues at the meeting of worldwide communists, which was held in a luxury, capitalist-owned hotel in Prague.

“There are certain features of a sect. For example, hermetic enclosure, demagogy and the silent liquidation of the inconvenient,”
– said Jan Schwarz, patriarch of Hussite church, about the institution that he leads.







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