Go for your goals

“It seems as though I am constantly jumping from one project to another, fighting fires. While I usually get my work done, sometimes I fail to get the results I wanted.

What could possibly motivate him to endure broken noses, swollen eyes, and punches in the kidneys? Muhammad Ali once said, “If I visualize what I want and picture myself getting it, then I don’t notice any pain while chasing my dream.”
Creating a new reality is an achieved goal. We can’t stop time from cascading into the future, but we can mold our future to meet welcoming expectations. The steps you take now will have an effect on your future. Use them wisely.

  • Shaping veracity involves visualizing your goal. Vague generalizations about your intentions risks creating nebulous pathways that will lead you off your intended trail. You must be able to see where you want to go. The greater the clarity of your vision, the more focused and efficient your efforts toward it will be.
  • Break your goals down into manageable daily tasks. When a target loams enormously on the horizon, it’s natural to feel intimidated and overwhelmed. Be realistic about your capabilities and the time you have to dedicate toward achieving your goal.
  • Stay focused. Act on your goals every day. Take small steady steps each day toward your goal. Progress is progress, no matter how small. Moving toward your aspiration will create momentum and keep you committed to the final outcome.
    Write your goal down in vivid detail and visualize it in your mind’s eye. Carefully prepare the steps for achieving that goal and inscribe them into memory. See yourself executing each step with precision. Now go after it, day-by-day.
    Finally, when creating goals it’s important to set yourself up for success. You can do this by making sure that your goals are measurable, realistic and challenging. Sort your goals into short-term and long-term. Create timetables for each outcome and stick to it. Concentrate on the results you want.

Article prepared by Renée LeMoine, Executive Director, LeMoine & Associates






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