Free-style rules

When enjoying active relaxation and moving about in the fresh air, a playful, relaxed style is best. It not only looks good, but it can help make you a winner.

On the waves of retro
Retro brings inspiration from the very beginning of sport, between WWI and WWII, from 1920 to 1940, when style and elegance were a strict condition. Incidentally, the “finer, elastic, suitable for sports” Lacoste shirt appeared way back in 1933. The London cut, popularized by Prince Edward of Wales, appeared in the same period – “a slim waistline, emphasized shoulders, and rolled-up sleeves” – a neoclassic as if it were made for pétanque or croquet players. The look of the ’70s and ’80s recalls American team sports or a British college, while refined yachtsman motifs harken back to the ’50s. Polo shirts and classic T-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts are adorned by either sewn-or or painted numbers, logos, stripes, colored borders, asymmetrical designs, and marked color contrasts. But what’s really most important is a sense of a good time and comfort.

Leisure conditions
The basis of the universal “sports weekend” look is T-shirts and sweatshirts that carry off perspiration well, as well as actively permeable, wind-resistant jackets. A light, fast-drying jacket with a cottony or fine silky feel is ideal. Pants can be stretchy or not too tight cotton or linen in the so-called work style, but jeans-type leisure pants are also acceptable. Leg lengths range from capri to heel-length, and pants with variable-length legs are practical. An interesting novelty is 7/8 pants, which reach to just above the ankles, but they don’t look so great on shorter people, so only people with long legs should wear them. Pre-shaped or padded knees and folded mid-thigh side pockets are nice details. Women’s clothes join functionality with specific shaping and fashion expression. So women can borrow a certain measure of elegance from their golf or tennis colleagues – for example, nice knit vests either with sleeves or without, or mini culottes.
A return to nature is symbolized by fresh, optimistic colors, from gentle natural pastels in sky blue, sand, or bamboo, through a basket filled with colorful fruits like melons, papayas, limes, kiwis, or bananas. Combining them with neutral tones of white, gray, or khaki is especially effective.

Top, 1170 Kč, jeans, 2970 Kč, sweater, 2690 Kč, all from Tommy Hilfiger, shoes, 1990 Kč, Black Label Striped shirt, 1790 Kč, green polo shirt, 1690 Kč, Tommy Hilfiger,white three-quarter pants, 1650 Kč, tennis shoes, 1390 Kč, billed hat, 390 Kč, all from Attrattivo, purse, 799 Kč, Promod.

Summer specialists

You can have an adrenaline-filled summer unscathed if you rely on a high degree of protection.

Save your skin with Precious Sun –
after-sun resource to renew damaged skin,
CZK 2,750, Lancaster, with scarf, at Sephora perfumeries

Spontaneous, fresh masculinity in sexy citrus tones, Joop! Jump, 50 ml, CZK 1,480, shirt from Tommy Hilfiger CZK 2,090, Arp

Great tanning without aging: Sun Performance.
SPF 30 and 15, CZK 790, Estée Lauder,
Tommy Hilfiger flip-flops, CZK 350, Arp

Specialties: SPF 40 liquid matte makeup,
and intensive hydrating SPF 50 tanning lotion,
CZK 1,167 and 1,375, Shiseido, Marionnaud; Lonchamp transparent purse, CZK 5,390, Beltissimo

Arp – Tommy Hilfiger, Palác Flóra, Vinohradská 149, Praha 3
Slovanský dům, Na Příkopě 22, Praha 1
Estée Lauder,
Železná 18, Praha 1
Lancaster a Joop,
perfume chain Fann, Marionnaud a Sephora
perfume chain Marionnaud


shop of the month

T-SHIRT SHOP: If you’re looking for inspired T-shirts with even more inspired prints, go to the new ŠiK shop owned by TV personality Šárka Kubelková. A T-shirt with the text “I’m a Virgin (but this is an old T-shirt)” or “Touch me and I’ll kill you” are sure to pump fresh blood through your boyfriend’s veins, at prices starting at CZK 199. You can also combine T-shirts with women’s and men’s sports attire matched in pleasant summer pastels.

ŠiK – Šárka Kubelková, Římská 16, Praha 2






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