ISSUE #115

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Petr Milev (37)
Since 1 June general manager of PPF bankaWhat made you accept this position?
For me it is another interesting opportunity within PPF group, and a return from the financial to the bank sector. This post is the more interesting, as PPF intends to enter new markets and look for new opportunities for the bank’s activities.

What do you see as your main task?
My task is to enforce the position of PPF bank in such a way that it becomes a reputable and acknowledged bank on the European level.

Curriculum Vitae:
1992 graduated from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
1993-95 Komerční banka – investment banking
1996 BNP-Dresdner Bank ČR, Praha – capital markets manager
1996-2000 sales manager, Conseq Finance
2000-2004 senior manager for portfolio management in PPF group, Česká pojišťovna
2001-2003 investment and asset management director in PPF
2003-2004 PPF Asset Management – general manager
2004 PPF Consulting – executive director
2004-05 Global Markets, PPF – executive director

What do you think should be the greatest strength of a general director?
Strategic thinking; the ability to foresee and put visions into practice.

What was your first position?
A bank broker trading in securities.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
First I wanted to be a fireman, then a pilot, and in the end I found my world of adventure in the finance field.

Who is your role model?
Alan Greenspan, the chief of US central bank (FED).

How would you describe your management style?
I am happy when my subordinates are independent and creative. I provide them with a great deal of authority, but I ask them to adopt a high degree of responsibility as well.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Ask my wife.


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Fred Gabrielson (27)
On March 14, named general director of Metro Czech Republic.

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Frederik Jules Emich (45)
On May 8, named chairman of the board of Benzina and vice-president for retail of the board of Unipetrol.

Curriculum Vitae:
2002 graduated from Stockholm School of Economics
2001-2002 managing director for web consultancy Netstar AB, Stockholm
2002-2004 manager of Swedish textile retailer Hemtex AB, Stockholm
2004-2005 management trainee, Metro International S.A., London
Curriculum Vitae:
1984 graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam
1984-1987 analyst, Esso Benelux
1987-1989 sales and client relations, MPSI Systems
1989-1996 retail sales manager, OMV AG Vienna
1996-2003 general manager, OMV Czech Republic
2004-2005 advisor to CEO, MOL Hungary
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Šimon Mastný (39)
On May 1, appointed regional manager for Czech Republic and Slovakia of Euronet Worldwide.

Curriculum Vitae:
1991 graduated from ČVUT Praha, faculty of electrotechnical engineering
1994-1998 account group manager for Digital Equipment
1998-2002 various positions with Compaq Computer
2002 business plan manager, Hewlett-Packard
2003-2005 director of financial service sector, SAP ČR






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