ISSUE #115

Fond farewells – 25.05.2005
The American ambassador hosted a gathering of Alumni members of the CMC Graduate School of Business. A reception in the garden of his residence was also an occasion to give a farewell to Robert Loewenguth, who left this June after serving as the school’s president for many years.

William Cabaniss, US ambassador (the speaker); Daniel Hron (second from right), head of the Alumni of CMC; Erik Slingerland (second from left), CMC chairman of the board of trustees; and Peter Loewenguth, CMC’s departing president

Richard Paulson (left), general manager of Pfizer with his fiancée and Peter Loewenguth

Pavel Bobošík (left), owner of Sahm; Jakub Hladík (middle), secretary to Václav Havel;
and Robert Komanec, design manager, Flextronics

Viva Italia! – 02.06.2005
The “La Festa Della Repubblica” event in the gardens of the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague was a celebration of Italian culture, culinary art, and wine.

Flavio Serughetti (left), general manager, MasterConsult; Sandro Bianco (middle), COO, Živnostenská Banka; and Roberto Causio, general manager for eastern Europe, Alitalia

Hugo Mensdroff-Pouilly (left); Jiří Kunert (second left), GM and chairman of the board, Živnostenská Banka; Franco Brambilla (second right), regional representative, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro; and Kamil Janáček, chief economist, Komerční banka

Matteo Dona (left), CKM Real Estate; Salvatore Bocchetti (middle), head of Italian desk, Raiffeisenbank; Emanuele Stella, general manager, MastGroup

“Cleaning crew” – 06.06.2005
British Nuclear Group, a company engaging in liquidation of nuclear facilities, has opened its office in Prague, which will be the headquarters for their activities in the middle and eastern European region. The launching inspired a gala reception in Kaunický palace.

Jeff Collins (left), operations director, BNG Project Services; Ian Jamieson (middle), European Business Project manager, BNG; Glenn Ellcock, program manager, BNG

Vladimíra Vydrová (left), partner, E-S Partners; John Mevesen (middle), head of representation, Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild; and Christophe Roussel, senior consultant, Skyline International Network

You know the names – 13.06.2005
The Superbrands organization, an authority in the area of branding since the mid-90s in 40 countries, finally made it to the Czech Republic. During the welcoming celebrations, vice-prime minister Martin Jahn launched the very first book of Czech superbrands.

Martin Jahn (right) with Jo Weaver, executive director of JWA Praha;
and Jan Valdinger, both partners of Superbrands

Erik Best (left), publisher of Fleet Sheet; Jan Grozdanovič, attorney and partner, Seddons;
Richard Hunt, Register of Advertising Agencies

Colleagues from Nestlé: Peter Svensson (right), GM; Martin Walter (left), corporate affairs director;
Stanislav Martínek, logistics manager

In the last issue we published a quiz that offered a digital camera as the main prize. The correct answer: Fujifilm shops where they develop high quality photos from digital media or film are called FDi or FIS. These shops use Frontier or Fujifilm minilabs. The winner, Václav Hemer from Prague 4, received his prize from the publisher.






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